What kind of real American? 14 big misunderstanding Chinese people

Due to differences in cultural and social backgrounds, etc., Chinese people’s understanding of all aspects of the United States there will be this kind of misunderstanding, read this article, maybe you know the United States is how real it!

1, equal to US President Chinese President
In fact, the English word President PRESIDENT meaning not only the president, but also the meaning of chairman of the company, university president, chairman of the association.

President translated easily mistaken for all state affairs by the president have the final say, always by him, by his system like. In fact, Chinese PRESIDENT more accurate translation is “administrative Archon.”

The United States is the separation of powers. US President’s functions, in addition to representatives of the national diplomatic occasions, outside of wartime commander in chief, in the daily decision-making power, probably only the equivalent of China’s central government chief of staff, and even in many cases its authority even smaller.

Money, look at the budget approval, the need to parliament. President did not place the right personnel. Presidential campaign of little personal financial strength, the United States and not because of family poverty, you can not run for president, the United States has a set of elaborate system to ensure the election is fair and reasonable. Affect the election outcome is difficult to use money. Clinton, Obama is not rich.

2, the president’s wife is the mother of the country?

This is the Chinese people are used to guess the results of his own thoughts country. We are accustomed to the highest state leaders lady called “mother of the country”, in fact, the United States, the president’s wife is the first lady. In this country, no one dared to say the mother country. As masters of the country, their own nationals. If his wife is known as “mother of the country”, then all have a high ranking official of the government officials.

3, United States flood of guns everywhere vandalism
The misconception is that the media exaggerated reports of long-term results. United States 21 years of age or adult citizens do have the right to use firearms and ammunition. This is the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution clearly defined.

Was America’s third president, Thomas Jefferson believed American citizens the right of citizens to own guns is due, but also because Jefferson realized that if the United States are unfortunately a dictatorial government, citizens to own guns for such unscrupulous political Xia the government can play a deterrent constraints, this is the greatness of Jefferson.

Of course, this also resulted in some unfortunate campus shootings, but the United States, although per capita have guns, but security is good (of course, exceptions in some areas, such as New York (listings) Some ghettos), because the United States very strict gun control.

For example, you want to have difficulty rifles or pistols is a big difference. Do you want to buy a spear in the market, simply submit a written application to the police, the police will give you an answer within 24 hours, and made an appointment.

After the interview do not think the problem immediately give you a buy a license, you can get this document into the market to buy your favorite firearms guns up. These include AK47 rifles such firepower, may bursts of automatic rifle.

However, if you need a shotgun, you need to send an application to the police station for three months in advance, during which the police will meet with you, ask what you intent to buy a gun, check whether the criminal history of your past, but also to learn from you two week course firearms use and custody laws.

In the United States firearm price is not high, about one hundred US dollars can buy a pocket pistol, about AK47, M16 to eight hundred.

After passing examinations, the police will send you a license to buy pistols. Why in the US, buy pistols and rifles are asked not to do the same?

Because pistols easy to carry, and therefore more dangerous. US households have firearms, ammunition, can not be stored in the minors can easily get to the place, must be stored in a safe, and firearms and ammunition must be stored separately. Out a gun must have a good reason.

Therefore, even with a more guns per capita in the United States, but not as chaotic social order us to imagine.

4, United States, gambling, drugs flooded, sexual confusion
Selling drugs in the United States are the law strictly prohibited. But the United States still has a lot of drug addicts, this is true. Yellow and gambling issues involved is rather complex.

Most US states have banned yellow prohibition of gambling, but there are similar Nevada (real estate) (listing) and a few deep inland deserts of several small states, especially in Las Vegas (listings) such City charter pornography and gambling, and pornography and gambling as their pillar industries. The reason of China’s Macao (real estate) the same.

Because these inland desert, both difficult the development of agriculture, animal husbandry, but also because of traffic inconvenience, unable to develop industry, therefore, had to open up the box of yellow sector of human society and the gambling industry to promote tourism and entertainment. Even so, the yellow and the gambling industry in the United States, there are strict regulatory requirements.

For example, sex workers need regular checkups, to job training, and there are strict requirements on professional ethics. Everything has to follow the law, not as people imagine rests underworld manipulation.

Therefore, instead of the gambling industry in the United States, unlike the yellow in the country, the surface is prohibited, underground flooding. In the United States did not actually aligned our sexual attitudes, sexual liberator, there are a lot of people are very conservative. Sex between men and women, as long as the law does not touch the box, usually no problem, except for the officials.

Sexual harassment in the United States actually a very serious topic, if men do not pay attention, people often believe it was sexual harassment charges to court.

Do not understand the American people mistakenly think that the United States is a “sexual liberation” countries. Real American social landscape is completely not the same thing, of the concept of mainstream society, at least 10 times more than today’s China conservative.

Especially those in Central Europe and the United whites dominated town. Like Chinese city that excessive exposure to sexually suggestive posters and Merry advertisements, in many American cities and towns are going to be sued, and even cause the targeted public protest big tour Xia Bank. Chinese popular “second wife” in Europe is even more incredible fairy tale.

5, Americans do not pay attention to family
Family members often between the US consumer AA, child and adult, regardless of the parents on the economy. Parents old child nor maintenance obligations (which is the government’s responsibility). This is the Chinese people pay attention to filial piety, is indeed difficult to accept. Thus causing American families do not pay attention to a misunderstanding of the family.

In fact, Americans are also very great importance to the family. Americans leave major festivals and tourism activities are mostly spent with the family together. Americans “home” concept and the Chinese people very different.

Americans “home” is “Family”, rather than the Chinese people “House”, or even “Home”, American Family emphasize family relations of family members, and the Chinese people’s home, not only emphasizes the affection among family members also emphasized that the residence “houses.”

This is the American habit of renting the house more important than light, the family members seemed so important reasons. Even if the Chinese people from their homes, their old home already empty, but many people still put those old house as its eternal home.

Americans respect people where home is where. Relatively speaking, Chinese parents in old age can enjoy more of their grandchildren. The services provided by the American Society for the elderly are established up in the form of legislation, so children do not have to worry about the basic old age parents, the two sides meet naturally not much.

6, the White House is the highest and most sacred palace USA

“The White House” the word in English the White House, when the Republic of China, the Chinese often directly translated into the word “slip German House” was not translated as “White House” because the word is in English palace palace, if the Chinese must be translated as “White House”, the word should be the White Palace.

Visible, then the Americans to name the building when he eschewed the palace, the emperor has stressed that this is not a palace, but only US PRESIDENT of public land.

Here is a national real estate, where the office of the person, only temporary rental is to pay the rent, but after four years is likely to replace the master. This house and the palace is no coherent, but he just was abruptly pull together the Chinese people, Chinese people to cause a great deal of misunderstanding.

7, the United States, “the State” is equivalent to China’s “province”
China and the US land area roughly the 50 states plus the United States, a little closer to China’s “province.”

In fact, the United States, in fact, is the meaning of the national state of state, the United States stands for “the United States of America” ​​that the English: the United States of America abbreviated as USA, or simply the United State, the meaning is actually America.

The United States is a federal system, each state is like a small country, like, have their own traditions, has its own laws, its own government, but the diplomatic power and the right to declare war to the federal central government only. Thus, in a state to see things, not necessarily equal to the country can be seen in the United States.

For example, some people think the Americans because they are not real estate property taxes down prices rise every year, and the real estate tax to be five percent.

However, in California, the property tax is not linked with the market to rise with the market price, and five percent are not so much, at most, only a little more than percent.

Some people have been to the San Francisco Bay Area, that the United States is like the San Francisco area that is full of people of Asian faces, the results to the Midwest, only to find people who want to see an Asian face how difficult it is.

50 states, as it is 50 countries. But these countries under the same Constitution, each managing their own. These countries surrender their diplomatic rights and the right to declare war, other powers have their reservations. Therefore, states have their own constitutions and laws, but also independent police, state tax rates are different.

US gubernatorial election nothing to do with the fate of the president. President to inspect the states, governors, mayors unaccompanied reception duties. Because they are only responsible for their own voters, especially the president does not have to give a warm welcome and luxury grand hospitality.

This is the Chinese people often misunderstood, always thought Zhouguan toe stuck in front of the president certainly, the president will be able to decide Zhouguan high above their political destiny. In fact, by no means superior-subordinate relationship between them.

8, United States racial discrimination seriously, is a country full of discrimination
America does have over the slave trade and inglorious history of racial discrimination, which is a shame in American history. However, this is where the Americans glory, because the Americans have struggled for centuries through their inhuman nigger problem solved, but also basically solved the racial and other types of discrimination.

Of course, the existence of discrimination against blacks who thought there must have been, but he must not show it in word and deed, there is no discrimination in government and legal aspects. Various forms of discrimination in the United States is a very serious offense.

Jobs in the United States, can not say sex, age can not say, can not say in origin, but asked family situation (including whether married, whether there is a child) but can not be the color, race, nationality, as the recruitment conditions. Otherwise, there is discrimination against the suspect, unless you can explain certain people to do the job non is not, otherwise you will be taken to court, was indicted on suspicion of the crime of discrimination.

We can say that in this world the United States is the largest race and the nation-state, but also of all races, nationalities, different cultural backgrounds get along with most harmonious nation. A white, 70% of American blacks can be president, but also re-elected, so there are racial country?

9, the US high education fees, poor children can not afford to read the book

Misunderstanding of American education, people are also deep. In fact, American education is more equitable. Strict implementation of the US 12-year compulsory education system, from primary to high school that the United States was the introduction of free and compulsory education. Students do not pay tuition and other fees. Whatever the child, as long as the United States, can be the way to the nearest school to school.

Although university fees, but does not have to cause no economic ability of the students drop out of school due to financial difficulties.

Because the United States has more than forty thousand foundations, there are many large enterprises, they will advance to the universities and to identify talented students from poor families to give assistance. After graduation, students return to their company. Therefore, the US students who are admitted, basically able to complete their studies.

10, the United States does not allow school choice, only location in the community school
In fact, the United States is to allow school choice, school choice just before you, have to choose his residence. Where do you live, where child reading. So they often cause people to misunderstand. Thought must purchase a home there, like China holds a real estate license to go to that school, that is not the case.

Must be in the United States are not required to be eligible to purchase the school district, you can rent. And do not rent, child boarding relatives home is required. The key is to really live child.

Conversely, if you buy a house there, and the child does not really live there, is not there studying. So, school children will know how truly live it?

Very simple, give the child the day of registration, you must specify the address on the application submitted. Americans are people of faith. Where do you write, that is where it is.

However, they will be sent home checks. If you found this address does not your children, then this is a very serious incident of integrity, in addition to fines, but also has a bad record of integrity, which will bring you a lot of trouble and inconvenience.

Sun tour bus driver who lives in Los Angeles, a relatively affluent community, he has many friends in the children registered residence registered in his home, and therefore, the children in the area where he school.

However, he was concerned that some children’s residence registration sites in his home, but not in the child he lived, if one day found out, would incriminate him appear integrity problems. Therefore, he hoped that relatives and friends really put the child at his boarding house.

However, so that there must be a full-time home to take care of these adult children, because US law requires all children under 12 years of age, can not live alone, 24 hours must have adult supervision. This will bring his family no small burden, and economic burden of these supposed friends from boarding their own pay.

11, Americans are buying a lot of luxury

Chinese people are misunderstanding the eighth American, since the United States is higher than the Chinese people’s wages, prices cheaper off than China, the Americans certainly everyone buy a lot of luxuries.

In fact, because the purchasing power of Americans is normal, therefore, did not like the Chinese people need to rely on some called the “luxury” of things to get express their happiness or worse than others.

Americans do not need to have class outside their own items to express anything. So, we will see the Americans are more concrete, $ 20,000 car can be, never buy forty thousand US dollars, even afford.

Instead, we will see the Americans for their own real hobby and shopping. For example, sports-loving people will spend one hundred thousand US dollars to buy a good car, not to show off, but to really like it.

12 Americans were all very understanding of pop culture

Chinese people misunderstand the ninth American, is that Americans are well aware of all of the popular culture.

This misconception is based on China’s own experience, because in China, hit TV shows such as “The Voice of China” or “Where is the father,” and the like, hot country, almost everyone knows. So, think Americans should know that “the US drama”, “US singer.”

Who knows, the United States has a lot of people never see NBA, never watch American TV, the star does not know much as Chinese people know that those who think all Americans know LadyGaga may be disappointed. The real mainstream American society, enjoy the traditional culture, rather than popular culture.

13, American children read easily, all with play like
Chinese people are misunderstanding the fifth United States is that the United States has a “quality education”, the children read easily, like playing with a full, easy access to those on the world famous university. In fact, the United States and even “quality education” the word is not, entirely Chinese Americans imposed.

Into the world elite of those kids, if not by the father went to fight, no one not often work late into the night reading, no one is not from an early age to participate in various sports activities and a variety of artistic activities, every day in the afternoon to go here and there to be parents drove to the tournament No one is not going here as a volunteer, as a researcher there, did not even have time to eat, and prepare for tests (because more than to see a US university examination results, depending on the student’s achievement of four years).

But the blue-collar American with white-collar income difference is not too far, moving bricks paint sweeping who can afford a Mercedes BMW, but also wants to have a good day.

14, immigrated to the United States, the Chinese people are all rich

Chinese people of the United States biggest misconception is that the Chinese who immigrated to the United States are all rich: either “corrupt” or their families, or unscrupulous businessman, pocketed the Chinese people’s hard-earned money went to the United States.

In fact, before the 1990s, Chinese immigrants to the United States because people are all relatives in the United States apply to the United States, there are Chinese people rarely qualify for investment immigration.

Even now, every year the Chinese people emigrated to the United States, there are nearly half of immigrants rely on kinship, there are more than twenty percent is employment-based immigration, investment immigration of less than one percent, even through the “political asylum” to take Chinese people tend to get a green card to the United States, China invested money to more people.

Many Chinese people legendary “money to immigrants to the United States” is not correct.

In the Chinese in the United States, accounting for the vast majority of immigrants in the past by kinship, or born in the United States. Moreover, the “American citizen” does not mean “green card”: Chinese man holds a US green card, is still a Chinese citizen.

Secret US 8 big wonderful metamorphosis theme restaurants burst index top

As a pure food goods, eat your favorite foods is my addition to the big money, live in luxury, beauty bubble, another dream to travel around the world outside.

Voiceover: your dream a little, ah, saying that you are a woman good cutting?

Superficial! Still have a dream, if realized it? It’s like, “You do not pick roadside wildflowers,” followed with “White also adopt mining” or “does not pick white mining” empathy.

I am not a foodie, the pursuit of authentic ingredients, one is not my pursuit of the realm. My criteria are: + delicious fun! If you are unconventional even by dot wonderful restaurant there anything that I do not the truth!

Voiceover: What if delicious + fun + good expensive?

Why should broach it? I hate you …… money to go! Anyway, today I come to you collecting collecting on those wonderful magic theme restaurant US imperialism!

1, heart Grill (Heart Attack Grill)

Oh yeah! This is my most beloved theme restaurant okay – do not install it, uniforms temptation you do not love? This is a hospital-themed restaurant, which the waiter hot body, wrapped in a tight-fitting nursing uniforms, so you increased blood pressure, rapid heart beat. The customer is “patient” when dining to wear “pajamas” menu called “prescription”, the waiter is wearing miniskirts, long stockings, wearing a nurse’s cap, “nurse.” Slogan is quite tempting: “Taste worth dying for (dead also worth to eat).” Weighing more than 350 pounds of customers free single yo!

Recipes include a variety of cardiac surgery named super fatty fast food, its signature dish’s name is the “bypass burger”, according to the requirements of diners, with a layer of the four options, ranging from half a pound to its weight two pounds of beef. Among them, four of the “bypass” burger contains two pounds of beef, thick and 12 four-cheese bacon, heat it contains more than 8,000 calories. Another Road “high card” killer pig fried with necessary number of “fat fries”, and full sugar cola, no filter cigarettes, spirits and beer. Interestingly, if the customer point of the four “heart bypass” burger, you can get restaurant gift of wheelchair services can be arbitrarily pick their favorite “nurse” pushed them back to the driving seat.

Why guarantor occupy good position in the Australian real estate investment

In Australia the housing market, the “guarantor” of the name is often mentioned, lawyers and real estate transaction intermediary is a human law in Australia must be involved, but what guarantor is it? There are real estate transactions in Australia guarantor play what effect?

Australian house prices in Australia Australian Property Listings

Guarantor concept

Australia is the sign and guarantor of real estate debt guarantees to help people who are guaranteed to enter the Australian real estate market.

The role of guarantor

With the guarantor, the guarantor may not need to deposit at the time of purchase in Australia, or even loan to buy the property and the cost of the full amount, but some lenders still require the guarantor own certain assets.

Essentially, this is a safety net lenders, buyers unable to repay if the guarantor will assume repayment. Otherwise, the lenders will recover guarantor assets as collateral, usually real estate.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia explained, with the help of a guarantor, the guarantor to enter the housing market mortgage programs have more choices. Compared with the amount of the loan has to qualify for the absence of aid, this method can use more money, allowing the use of asset finance guarantor buy their own property, and to reduce the need to buy lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) of possibilities.

Once you become a guarantor guarantor after their lending capacity will be affected, but the amount can be up to a full guarantee of the loan, but also as little as only 20%. This can be discussed with the broker, you can usually choose to sponsor only responsible for the selected percentage of the loan amount secured, for example, 20%.

Mortgage Option (MortgageChoice) explains, the guarantor guarantees to participate in the loan until the end, you can establish a way to guarantee real estate equity, and sometimes need to pay a fee.

Who can become a guarantor

Guarantors are usually parents, family members of many organizations require only guarantee. Some lending institutions to extend this provision to grandparents, but there are some lenders allow non-family members, including a former spouse as a guarantor, but need to have a big stake in the property only for lenders to accept.

St George Bank (St George Bank) said it was a “family commitments.” The following are examples:

John (John) is planning to buy a $ 300,000 property, to 15,000 Australian dollars as a down payment to pay (the ratio of loans and rates of 95%), which means that the lender will need to purchase mortgage insurance (LMI).

If John’s parents are St. George bank’s existing housing loan customers, or have freehold house and agreed to provide an additional 56,500 Australian dollars as collateral family, then the ratio of loans and rates will be reduced to 80%. As a result, John will not have to pay lenders mortgage insurance, you can save about 5,800 Australian dollars.

Other Considerations

Under normal circumstances, the guarantor can not help refinance a guarantor often only one person is allowed to guarantee. Usually limited to the purchase of housing.

If you are unable to repay the loan guarantor think or worry about how to deal with these problems, it is honest and guarantor. They are responsible, so that they understand your repayment ability is a wise move.

2014 total real estate investment in Asia outside of China second

In Asia, China has become the second largest of the main foreign real estate investment.

CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) yesterday released the 2014 Asian foreign real estate investment data show that in 2014 foreign real estate investment in Asia grew 23%, reaching $ 40 billion, a new record, in which foreign investment defending champions Singapore, China to 10.1 billion dollar came in second place.

From the data, venture capital, housing prices in China are active in cross-border investment, in addition, two gateway cities of Paris, Los Angeles and other more and more popular in Asia funds.

Venture capital, housing prices in active

February 12, 2015 Spring distance only less than a week, the Blue Ding International Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Blue Ding International”, 00582.HK) Chairman Yang wisdom has led his team to leave the headquarters of Hefei (real estate) came to Jeju. This day is the day of the foundation of its Jeju project, the company and joint venture companies from Genting Singapore, in Jeju developed “Blue tripod scenic Jeju Park & ​​Resorts World”, on this day started.

“First Financial Daily” reporters had learned through reliable sources, this positioning in Jeju Island, Korea tourism landmark projects with a total investment of 1.9 trillion won, or about 10.8 billion yuan. Even the joint venture, for this occupies Anhui enterprises, billions of funds is still a small number, but this is just a microcosm of China’s housing prices to invest overseas.

According to CBRE data provided to the newspaper yesterday, the Asian region in 2014 with a total investment in real estate abroad over 2013 years, the new record for the second consecutive year, Chinese overseas investment in 2014 grew 25 percent to $ 10.1 billion, with the current exchange rate calculations, about 63.35 billion yuan.

These new funds from new investors emerging. According to CBRE observed, just past 2014, China’s insurance companies overseas real estate investment grew 100 percent, China’s housing prices overseas real estate investment grew 310 percent.

CBRE Research China Head, executive director of Zhongwei Chen told reporters that the continued growth of cross-border investment in China is mainly driven by new sources of funding, which is particularly active in the insurance funds, insurance funds, China is actively seeking overseas investment opportunities, and continue Real estate investment accounted for the overall increase in the proportion of investment, at the same time, the performance of Chinese real estate developers in the international market has become more impressive.

An interesting phenomenon is that when Asian investors to invest in overseas real estate, no longer confined to the traditional target market, a lot of changes in its investment strategy. Zhongwei Chen noted that Asian investors started looking for a variety of cross-border portfolio investment office still the mainstream, in addition began to focus on investment in the hotel and industrial real estate.

This is also consistent with the path of housing prices in China to invest the blue Ding project, Jeju Jeju blue tripod scenic park is the largest hotel groups and resorts. Informed sources told this reporter revealed that the project contains more than 1,500 households gardens and high-end villas, future plans for global sales, also hopes to attract Chinese investment immigration of high-end buyers.

“Giants” who is also probably true preferences. Fosun International has spent billions of dollars in London, New York and Japan to acquire office buildings, in January this year, the company’s joint Fosun estate has an Australian real estate investment management company, acquired the “No. 73 Miller Street,” is named Sydney office; February 2014, the Green Group with a total investment of $ 1 billion in North America’s first Los Angeles Green Center construction project, the goal is to create high-end business hotel in downtown Los Angeles USA; June 2014, Wanda Group to 265 million euro acquisition of the landmark building in Madrid, Spain plaza inside, and plans by 2020 to fight the set of hotels, retail shops, residential apartments in an integrated project.

Two gateway cities favored

In global cities, foreign capital which favored object? CBRE this as statistics show that in 2013, 60% of foreign investment is concentrated in the five largest investment destination, while the proportion of the top five markets in 2014 fell to 39%, Continental Europe Paris and Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington have become the new investment actively.

According to the statistics, EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) still attract the majority of Asian investment, investment amounted to $ 13.7 billion, and in 2013 was flat, the other a big increase in the region, including the Americas (up 20% ), the Pacific (601,099, stock it) region (up 33%) and intra-Asian region (up 58%), in Asia, Japan is the most important investment destination, followed by China.

“Asian investors continue to focus on overseas investments, this trend is most evident in the Asian institutional and private investors, and developers in China, they invariably are looking for the world’s major markets in the high-yield, high-quality asset projects.” World CB Richard Ellis executive director of China Investment Property Division and director of analysis Sullivan told reporters that despite the New York and London is still the two main objectives of the real estate investment market, where the transaction is still subject to the world’s attention, but it can not be ignored is that investors in 2014 began to shift to the secondary gateway cities such as Paris, Los Angeles, as well as the regional center of the city, such as the United Kingdom.

“The United States has a property tax, the cost of holding between 1.5% to 3%, and the annual payment, unlike the domestic holders of zero-cost Western countries in favor of the tenant protection laws, unlike the domestic landlord so strong that When overseas investment property are important to note. “A long-term concern real estate private person in charge of overseas property investment told this reporter that the Chinese housing prices, the investment in overseas real estate projects, the need to pay attention to systemic risk, including market , interest rates, exchange rates, policies, etc., and you need to guard against these risks by understanding the local market team, reliable partners, to deepen understanding of the overseas market, at any time to monitor market changes to achieve.

Canadian Immigrant Investor threshold is too high to be “scared off”

Last year, the Federal Department of Immigration original immigrant investor program “across the board”, this year launched the “risk investment immigration pilot program” (Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program), a substantial increase in the eligibility and funding requirements, the original recipient for a period of 28 January to 2 March 11, but the Department of Immigration on the 13th notice, effective immediately re-open the program and extended to the end recipient April 15. Immigration lawyers speculated that the move was due to the failure to receive the full number of applications expected, but only the extension does not change the “political” futile, Canadian immigration is too high threshold has Jiucheng investment immigration “scare.”

Department of Immigration on the 13th when responding to newspaper advice, said that as of the 11th, the “risk investment immigration” pilot project has received some (several) application components, but some applicants are interested in the reaction, because in the process of assets and other relevant documents When the document was delayed, can not be handed pieces before the deadline, the federal government decided to re-open the Inbox program, and since mid-April deadline extension, to the applicant to provide more adequate preparation time.

In this regard, the Vancouver immigration lawyer money circuit analysis, “To be sure, the Immigration Department did not receive over 500 applications parts, it has been observed, perhaps even meet accepted 60 immigration quota targets are not enough.” This results in him and said, “no surprise.”

He said the Conservative government on immigration policy in recent years continue to make adjustments result is to make Canada’s immigration threshold higher and higher on the investment immigrants, authorities require from foreign applicants must have a legitimate business and investment 10 million of net assets acquired pipeline and will require investments rose to 200 million, for a period of 15 years, the money is likely to lose everything.

Even if the financial strength, a college diploma and official language listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are up to at least five, has a large number of wealthy immigrant candidate in the door. Over time, it will only make more people disappointed Canadian immigration policy, switch to the United States and other countries relatively loose policy. He said the current situation, already 90% of overseas investment immigration on the idea of ​​playing retracted to immigrate to Canada, if the authorities do not take effective measures, the situation will be worse.

“Immigration is an important source of Canada’s population and labor force growth, the authorities plan to introduce this year, 280,000 new immigrants, but it was the opposite in the immigration policy, labor shortage and lack of population growth will lead to the National Old Men and other social issues.”

He criticized the federal government on immigration application backlog problem solving often adopt a “one size fits all” approach, skilled migrants from the previous to the current investment immigration are evident, but after that the New Deal did not put better to improve the immigration system, the extension of time only accepted for has been “scared off” of migrants, but futile.

In January this year, the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program restart, investment requirements, only 80 million, five years after the guarantee repayment, triggering the application boom. Qian Lu had to guess, it would be to avoid the federal or risk investment immigration last train. Sure enough, after the province announced reforms, although details have not yet introduced, the road to worry about money, if Quebec to follow up on the federal approach to Canadian immigration environments will be even worse.